Spookfish Ltd (ASX:SFI)


Spookfish is an Australian company focused on the development and commercialisation of premium next generation geospatial imagery products and services.

Their revolutionary technology enables rapid imaging of entire countries in high resolution from a multitude of angles at a fraction of the cost of contemporary systems.

Spookfish aims to use these capabilities to make it easy for organisations of all sizes to gain access to premium imagery content and pervasive 3D models allowing concise, accurate and cost effective decision-making.

On the 10th September 2018, EagleView Technologies undertook to acquire Spookfish Ltd, valuing the company at $135 million. Forrest placed shares at 1.25 cents and 3.5 cents per share and the takeover by EagleView was at 9 cents per share.


Forrest Capital's Role:

Forrest associates held equity positions in Australian geospatial company Spookfish Ltd.

  • Forrest negotiated the acquisition of Spookfish by ASX listed resource company Whitestar Resources Ltd (ASX:WSR).
  • Facilitated the appointment of Mr Jason Marinko to the board.
  • Introduced key cornerstone investors, Mr Rod Jones, Mr Tony Grist, Mr Brent Stewart & Mr Simon Hackett.
  • Raised associated capital of $7 million.