4DS Memory Ltd (ASX:4DS)


4DS Memory Limited is a public company with operations in California’s “Silicon Valley”.


4DS Memory Ltd. is developing emerging non-volatile memory called “ReRAM” (or RRAM) with demonstrated technological advantages to other known ReRAM cells in development making it a realistic candidate to replace the current standard, NAND “Flash” Memory as the dominant standard of the future. The company has a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with HGST, a subsidiary of the world largest information storage technology company.

Forrest Capital's Role:

  • Forrest undertook the reconstruction and recapitalisation of Fitzroy Resources (ASX:FRY) and in the process principles of Forrest became substantial shareholders in Fitzroy.
  • Acquisition of 4DS by Fitzroy was introduced and facilitated by Forrest Capital.
  • Raised associated capital of $4.5 million with the acquisition and facilitated board appointments.
  • Completed follow on capital raisings of $7.25 million to fund the imec collaboration and the joint development agreement with Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ:WDC) subsidiary HGST.